16315 E M48 P.O. Box 208 Goetzville MI 49736

Township Office Phone: 906-297-3805

Fax #:  906-297-2139

Raber Township Board of Trustees

Paul Warner, Township Supervisor

Home Phone 906-297-6507 cell:  906-322-2873

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Hillary Gallarowic, Clerk
Phone:  (906) 440-2289
E-mail: hillaryhartman@hotmail.com


Cloverland Electric Cooperative

will be holding their April Board Meeting in the Main Gym on 04/30/19 this Month from 10:00-Appx. 4 P.M. (This is open to the Cloverland Membership) 

Due to this the Senior Dinner on this day will be served in the Meeting Room


General Contact:

Kitchen/Amvet Room Phone (906) 297-2106



Tina Fuller

7 Kincheloe Dr.

Kincheloe, MI  49788

(906) 632-5712

E-mail: rabertwpassessor@gmail.com

For Absentee Ballots on any Election please visit the following link

An Absentee Ballot Application must be filled out for every election.  The ballots are not automatically mailed to you.

The mailing address for returning the absentee ballots is:

PO Box 480, Goetzille, MI  49736

Please Call Township Clerk with any further questions.

16315 E M48 P.O. Box 208 Goetzville MI 49736

Phone: (906)297-3085


Dan Galarowic, Trustee

Phone 906-322-1961

Linda Johnson, Trustee

Phone 906-440-5391

Leslie Opolka, Treasurer

Home Phone 906-297-2509 cell: 906-440-4654

Email:  leslieopolka@gmail.com

Bruce Johnson, Fire Chief

Phone 906-297-5911 (Fire Line)

Hall activities:

Mondays:  Community Action Senior Meal provided at Noon. Call 297-2106

Tuesdays:  Community Action Senior Meal provided at Noon. Call 297-2106

Thursdays:  Community Action Senior Meal provided at Noon. call 297-2106

Meals and Hall activities are closed on Holidays and Election Day.

2nd Tuesday of each month:  Township Board Regular Board Meeting @ 7pm

MUST BE 21: Weight room is available, must check out a key at Yoopermam's 

There will be "Open Gym" on weekends from Mid December to Mid March.

‚Äč(adult supervision required)